Lease Drivers

Thank you for your interest in our full-service lease operator position. Below you will find a brief outlined of what our program entails.


  • Begins as a full-service lease for at least the first 90 days
  • No down payment
  • No credit check
  • Walk away at any time without penalty
  • Peace of mind knowing that if your truck breaks down, we can get you in another one right away
  • Receive 80% of the load + 100% Fuel Surcharge
  • Weekly Settlements (Paid on Thursdays)
  • Average truck payment of $1800/week in fixed expenses which include
    • Truck rental $4800/month (average depending on truck)
    • Trailer rental $1500/month
    • ELD $35
    • Prepass $20/month
    • Plates
    • Insurance
    • Maintenance (including tire management)
    • Escrow $250/week until $5000 has been paid (refundable)
    • Access to load boards (after probationary period)
  • Fuel card will be provided (with average discounts averaging $.85/gal)
  • 90% of our freight is refrigerated loads
  • You choose your own home time; we will not tell you when/where to go
  • Self-dispatch available

(972) 362-8930 | [email protected]